Hello! Today i wanna write about Amsterdam Fashion Week that started last week and ended on sunday. The event started with the collection from iNDiViDUALS and People Of The Labirynths. We could see amazing work of promissing students and internationally succesfull Dutch brand.
Individuals is an initiative of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Hogeschool van Amsterdam where young talents from Amsterdam Fashion Institute can shine. Twice a year they add new generation of fashion designers to the history of Individuals.
The People Of The Labirynths is a label made by Geert de Rooij and Hans Demoed, inspiried by oldfashion and modern labirynths, started in 1983.
I picked pictures that i thought were the best or I just liked the most.


The People Of The Labirynts:

I definately wanna write about the second day where SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers showed collection named 'Sweet Rock & Roll' inspired by young culture from 50s.

Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013 ended Marga Weimans with her funny and spectacular collection named Body Archieve.

More informations and photos on Amsterdam Fashion Week or Grazia.nl or Elle.nl

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