Hello! Finally new outfit post! The weather outside sucks so its hard to make a lot of pictures... Anyway today a little bit more grunge look, because when i saw one look on Paris Fashion Week from Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2013 i just fell in love with this look. And because i had similar clothes in my closet i just had to make this pictures to show you. I would also reccomend you to watch this fashion show (here) because its really cool collection and maube you will be inspired the same as me.

Look that totally inspired my todays outfit
Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2013 RTW

leather dress - Reserved/ shirt - H&M (few years ago)/ pearls - you will buy them in every jewellery store/ tights - Primark/ shoes - Jeffrey Campbell


Hello! Today i would like to introduce to you a really great online store EFOXCITY where you can buy a lot of cool and cheap clothes and jewellery. In the store you will find korean fashion style, really cool leggings, cute short cocktail dresses, nice jackets and coats and even wedding dresses (also wedding party dresses). Everything there is really cheap so i would definately reccomend you to buy there. Its mostly women`s clothing shops, but there is also pretty nice section for men. You can find there really cool and original items for every occasion. 
Like i said before, i fell in love with the leggings on this site, but also with a lot of other things: 

Ladies Fashion Faux Leather Slim Black Legging you can get here for only 9,71 euro

Skinny All-match Women Elastic Pants Black Cotton Leggings you can buy here for 11,84 euro

Very fashionable tshirt with tiger for only 9,50 euro you will find here

I really like this pink skirt! And costs only 6,87 euro. You can get it here also in other colours.

Cool spring skirt (not only in blue), you can buy here

Leather skirt with golden leopard, take a closer look here

Its a coat that kind of look like a scarf, i definately wanna have it. Find it here

Purple Rivet Bracelet Punk Style costs less than 6 euro and they have it also in oher colours

 This Swallow Necklace costs less than 6 euro too and its really amazing!

I hope everybody will take a look for http://www.efoxcity.com/ because its really worth to buy there :)


Hello! Today is my last free day, tomorrow again work. :( I was in primark at friday and i spend so much money... good side of it is that i have a lot of new cool clothes! :D Not gonna buy anything new for the next few months, at least thats the plan but we will see. :) And today i hope my Jeffrey Cambell shoes will finally arrive! They suppose to be at Saturday but they werent  so im still waiting! :(

DIY Chanel Tshirt

Now about the outfit. The tshirt that im wearing i made by myself. I mean i saw a picture (at the end of the post) of cool tshirt, but i thought its way overprised. So i thought im not gonna pay that much for something what looks easy to make. I bought simple white tshirt and fabric paint and just wrote it by myself. I think i spend on it around 7 euro and it really looks nice. :) At the end of the post is the original picture of the tshirt, so if somebody would like to make that cool tshirt by yourself, go ahead! :)

hat, green shirt - Zara/ tshirt - DIY/ shorts - Primark/ socks - H&M/ shoes - Nelly.com


Hello! Finally the end of the day! I had really busy week, but luckily tomorrow i am free till monday, so for 4 days i can focus more on the blog. So tomorrow i wanna go to Primark. :) 
The outfit i have today i really like and i feel very comfortable in it. I had it at saturday at the party, it was 'Wrong Party' which means that everybody is coming in some crazy outfits or costumes. Me and my bf didnt dress up because we thought that our normal clothes are cooler than any costume. ;) And 2 people on the party complemented my look so i was very happy about it. 

bandana - since childhood/ tshirt - New Yorker/ leather vest - H&M/ biker leggins and shoes - Nelly.com

before party

Martijn, Maddie, me and Tomas on the party

I went on the Slash concert in Tilburg at tuesday, was super cool, but i dont have good quaility pictures so i just put 2 of them. :)